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Proposed Reduction in GA Tax Credits

  Posted June 18, 2020 at 08:00 AM

Proposed Reduction in Georgia Tax Credits and Exemptions Detrimental to Manufacturers and Technology Businesses


Georgia’s Senate Finance Committee is poised to adopt extensive changes to various tax credits and sales tax exemptions to offset the pandemic related revenue shortfall.  Proposed changes to the Georgia Research Tax Credit include reducing the credit rate from 10% to 7.5% with the additional 2.5% only allowed for research expenses in excess of the prior 3 year average.

Additional impacts of the Tax Reform Proposal included in a Senate substitute to House Bill 1035 include:

 Please contact your Georgia Senator, Senate Finance Committee member and Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan to communicate the negative impact of these reductions on your business. 


Senate Finance Committee members include:


Committee Chairman Chuck Hufstetler (District 52-Rome) (Republican)

            Email –

            Phone – (404) 656-0034


Committee Vice Chairman John Albers (District 56-Roswell) (Republican)

            Email –

            Phone – (404) 463-8055


Committee Secretary Chuck Payne (District 54-Dalton) (Republican)

            Email –

            Phone – (404) 463-5402


Senator Bill Heath (District 31-Bremen) (Republican)

            Email –

            Phone – (404) 656-3943


Senator Lester Jackson (District 2-Savannah) (Democrat)

            Email –

            Phone – (404 463-5261


Senator Nan Orrock (District 36-Atlanta) (Democrat)

            Email –

            Phone – (404) 463-8054


Senator Michael “Doc” Rhett (District 33-Marietta) (Democrat)

            Email –

            Phone – (404) 656-0054


Senator Bruce Thompson (District 14-White) (Republican)

            Email –

            Phone – (404) 656-0065


Senate President Pro Tempore Butch Miller (District 49-Gainesville) (Republican)

            Email –

            Phone – (404) 656-6578


Senator Ellis Black (District 8-Valdosta) (Republican)

            Email –

            Phone – (404) 463-6597


Senator Bill Cowsert (District 46-Athens) (Republican)

            Email –

            Phone – (404) 463-1366


Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan (Republican)

            Phone – (404) 656-5030

            Via website –